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Certified Motorcycle Repair Technician in Palm Coast, Fl

Motorcycle Repair, Paint and Body Shop in Palm Coast, Florida If your looking for a motorcycle body shop that understands the need for high performance for your bike, then you have come to the right company. Street Shakers does motorcycle repair along with building custom motorcycle. We do repairs on all motorcycles for the Palm Coast Florida area residence. We specialize in custom body shop work for your cycle.

There are a variety of way that motorcycles can be damaged when an accident happens. The bikes may be quality made but when steel hits steel or the road, heavy damage can occur. Street Shakers specializes in motorcycle body work. Many times much of the damage is obvious such as parts needing replacement, tires and rims bent and structural and paint damage.

If the motorcycle engine is not working, we do all the motorcycle engine work. We work with insurance companies for estimates of damage. Not all damage can be seen until we get into the engine work. The body work needs a body shop that understand motorcycle body work. Street Shakers is a custom body shop that can repair or build custom bikes along with custom paint work for your bike.

Body Shop with Paint Shop in Palm Coast, Fl

One of the first things we look at is the wheels and tires. If the tires are flat, they will need replacement. Same with the wheels if they are bent. Many times if you your motorcycle is in an accident, the frame may be bent. We understand what it takes to restore a motorcycle in our custom body shop. We insect and do motorcycle body shop work in order to restore the bike so you can drive it safely.

Expect the motorcycle appearance to look great before we release it from our motorcycle repair & body shop. We can custom paint the bike or restore it to its original condition. Understanding the frame needs to straight and in perfect running order. We will only use the best in replacement parts for your bike. We guarantee all our motorcycle body shop work and motorcycle repair work to your satisfaction.